Note: All editions (Trial, Free and Unlimited) have the same installation package, downloadable here. The difference only in License Key File (eWall.LIC), that should be stored in eWall installation directory, or replaced after purchase.

If there's no License Key File, the installation wizard will generate 30-days trial key. Please keep it in mind, when you re-install eWall at new location: it will generate the trial License Key File that you will need to replace with your personal License Key File, available in Customer area.

After installation please visit the Getting started section of online manual, that will pass you through the setup process.

v4.0.2.35 (2013-09-17)

Version changes:

  • New action for custom filters: 'strip all attachments'
  • Added option to choose where to add text (header/footer) in 'add text to message' action
  • New repository filter: "Email counter by IP", allows to limit the number of sent emails from particular IP address
  • Minor fixes


Download the new version and install over the existing. Follow the installation wizard instructions.

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