Revision history

  • New action for custom filters: 'strip all attachments'
  • Added option to choose where to add text (header/footer) in 'add text to message' action
  • New repository filter: "Email counter by IP", allows to limit the number of sent emails from particular IP address
  • Minor fixes

  • Fixed: eWall doesn't start after license is expired
  • Fixed: load balancing
  • Added wildcard support to email-related conditions
  • Minor fixes

  • Fixed problem with missing attachments and HTML content

  • Fixed problem with NOOPs
  • Fixed random DNS problems
  • Added support for McAfee VirusScan 6.x
  • Added ability to add sender address to GOOD/BAD lists by single click from History and Quarantine views
  • Added Watchdog service checking eWall availability and memory usage and re-starting eWall service if ones exceed the threshold
  • SpamD filter enhancements
  • Added iconv support to decode header fields
  • Added abililty to specify target server and authorization parameters in "send copy at ..." action
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

  • ClamAV is upgraded to version 0.97.3
  • Added DKIM support (Repository -> Anti-spam -> DKIM test)
  • Added conditions and actions to works with email list files: the email addresses can be stored/checked in flat text files with RegExp support
  • Fixed IP address import/export with CIDR mask
  • Added wildcard support to email list import/export
  • Minor fixes and enhancements