eWall Remote Control Panel

eWall 4.0 Screenshot / Animated Dashboard

Animated dashboard
Shows the filtering process in real-time. Each email is represented as a parcel with the flag according to its country of origin. If eWall found virus or spam, it may add additional attributes to the parcel. For example, in this screenshot you can see how "viagra" goes to the Quarantine.

Message Sniffer, ClamAV and Spam Assassin help eWall filter spam.

With eWall, spam filtering is no longer boring!

eWall 4.0 Screenshot / Logs

Real-time logs
Displays all events, client commands and server replies. Each record has a date/time, session ID and timeline in milliseconds, showing the time spent since session start. The logs can be grouped by Session ID, and the logs detail (verbosity) can be also changed.

eWall 4.0 Screenshot / Stats / Sessions

Hourly / daily stats
There are several real-time stats, hourly or monthly, per domain, or even per mailbox. This screenshot shows the hourly sessions stats.

Some tags have their own counter and color. For example, you can see the yellow sessions, tagged by DNSBL filter.

eWall 4.0 Screenshot / Stats / Antivirus

Hourly / daily stats
This pie chart shows the daily antivirus stats.

eWall 4.0 Screenshot / Filters

Filters dialog
Almost every repository filter has own parameters, that can easily be changed within the Control Panel.

eWall 4.0 Screenshot / Filters

PHP editor
For advanced users, who are familiar with PHP, there's also a script editor, revealing filter internals.