Message Sniffer

We are pleased to announce our partnership with ARM Research Labs, LLC, a company that offers one of the finest spam-detecting programs: Message Sniffer. It's an intelligent anti-spam scanner that uses advanced pattern recognition and collaborative learning technologies to accurately identify spam. The Sniffer engine is multi-platform, running on Windows, Linux and BSD systems. A unique, downloadable spam database is available via subscription and is updated multiple times daily by spam analysts and intelligent monitoring systems.

Message Sniffer consists of two main parts: a pattern-based email content analyzer and an IP reputation system named GBUdb. The combined power of a real-time collaborative IP reputation system and an adaptive content analyzer with frequent rulebase updates ensures that Message Sniffer captures more than 98.5% of spam without additional tuning. With default eWall filters this number can increase up to 99.9%!

eWall supports both these features and, working in conjunction with Message Sniffer, doesn't require any maintenance: Message Sniffer updates are downloaded and installed automatically. As of version 4.0, eWall contains a built-in Message Sniffer engine, so testing each email or IP address takes only a few milliseconds.

How to use

The Message Sniffer engine is contained in eWall installation. All you need to do to enable it is to select Message Sniffer during installation and specify your license ID and authentication. The installation wizard will do the rest: It will download the latest rulebase and setup the Message Sniffer from repository.