"eWall is like a clear protective membrane for my mail servers. I have spent over a decade architecting, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining mail systems from Exim to Exchange and I would not consider a new install without eWall being part of the package regardless of the environment. The cost is a fraction of most other commercial server-side, appliance or cloud-based anti-spam solutions and eWall has been just as flexible, reliable and effective for me. The quarantine means no bounced or lost false positives and the legible logging is a blessing for mail systems with "head-scratcher" logs such as Exchange and XMail. The UI is intuitive, informative and extremely easy to use, and support has been top-notch. If you are looking into a server-side anti-spam solution, you owe it to yourself to at least try eWall and watch spam and virus-infected emails disappear into the ether. Set it, forget it, and spend some time writing clever responses for when users start asking "What happened to all my spam?"

— Eric Garnice, Freelance Mail Server Admin,

"When I went looking for a solution a few years ago to stem the ever increasing tide of SPAM plaguing my customers I accidentally stumbled across eWall3 and Paranoid. Well, needless to say it was the best stumble I ever made! Out of the box, with minimal training for Paranoid, I was able to cut SPAM ingress by over 70%! My customers, needless to say, were EXTREMELY happy and I became a VERY satisfied customer! Well, after testing and using the most recent incarnation, eWall 4, with all it's new features, and in conjunction with Paranoid, I have stopped 90+ percent of all incoming SPAM! After trying several other systems before eWall/Paranoid I can honestly say this is by far the best system I have used, and by far the best bang for your buck!"

— Kevin Bednar, President, KMBNet Systems

"We are a small design firm that specializes in building and hosting attorney websites. Our company has been using eWall SMTP Proxy since its first version in early 2004 and it has been a great asset for protecting our many email users from spam and viruses. Now with eWall 4 and its SSL support and integrated ClamAV support along with the ability to use third party signatures has dramatically increased protection. Ewall 4 has simplified the ability to create spam filters by use of preconfigured filters along with the ability to create custom sophisticated filters with various anti-spam technologies which together has made this the perfect software for protecting our email."

— Paul Pruitt, Systems Administrator, RosArt Multimedia Inc.

"The new software that you have put in place has been fantastic for me. I may be old but I need an easy email system that doesn't bombard me with porn and ads for Viagra. I'm still energetic at my age and don't personally need those. :-) It has been very nice to be able to check my email and not have to get all of that crap day in and day out. Keep up the good work!"

— Jeff Schrunk, Director of Technology, Braniff International Silver Eagles

"eWall v3, a mail admins dream come true. I have been using ewall on my production server since the first day in of development. I have seen eWall evolve into a great product (feature rich, Fast, Stable...etc). My clients and myself have been extremely pleased with it. Since running eWall, we have been completely virus/spam free. And whats great past that is the way the rules can be setup(global, domain, user), creating a more inpidualized environment."

— David L Fitch, President/CEO, Complete Tennis, Inc.

"DomainBOX.de has grown from a small ISP in early 1998 to one of the leading webspace providers in Germany. While some customers are running their own mail services, the majority of our 30.000+ customers is using our enterprise mailserver that handles over 50.000 messages a day. Handling mail services in this dimension, spam, viruses and worms have become a serious threat for our customers. We have tried dozens of solutions that all did not work out the way we wanted to until we discovered eWall. With eWall we can have it all: reliable spam detection and a virus free environment. eWall works like a charm and handles hundreds of concurrent connections with ease. In fact, it only adds a mere 10% of CPU load, but stunning 100% security for us and our customers. eWall helps us to maintain our business and to proctect our investments and is a rock solid product for a very reasonable price. We'd never want to turn it off again. Thank you, Server Side Solutions!"

— Marco Pardun, Technical Director, DomainBOX.de

"We're a company providing content in the entertainment business. Early this year we decided to set up our own mail server, as problems and spam via the provider's mail server were increasing. We are currently using a combination of ArGoMail and eWall in combination with Paranoid. After only two weeks of training, eWall with Paranoid was ready for stopping spam directly on the server. Now our employees can focus on what they are supposed to do: write good articles. In the meantime, eWall focuses on filtering our mails. Over 95% of spam gets caught, with no false positives at all. eWall with Paranoid is an unbeatable bundle at an unbeatable price. Thanks Server Side Solutions! Our mailboxes now are mailboxes again and not huge dustbins for the spammers of the world."

— Christian Bartsch, Chief Editor/CEO, Digital-Movie.de

"E-Wall offers mail administrators a programable SMTP proxy that gives them tools to control email that are not available in any other product I have seen on the market. As an ISP owner with over 2000 email accounts, we are constantly looking for better ways to deal with viruses and spam. With E-Wall we can use industry standard virus scanners and multiple spam analysis tools (SpamAssassin and Paranoid) that are integrated with the product to analyze and classify incoming mail. The easy to use rule writing function allows us to offer whitelists, blacklists and have phenomenal control over mail for multiple domains and unlimited customers.
Many email server products want to wrap some of these functions into their baseline and then raise the price of their product. With E-Wall, we see a way to add a management interface to all incoming SMTP traffic which can then be handled by any brand of mail server.
The battle to deal with spam seems to be growing every day. I have been looking for a product that helped me combat the "bad guys" and offer premium email services to my customers. E-Wall is proving to fill our requirements for that."

— David Payer, Owner, www.iowalink.com, Inc.

"I'm now finishing my first month of using Ewall, and have to say, this is the best product I think I have ever used. Not only because it does what it should, but because what it does is so effective, and gives me such complete control over my emails, at a reasonable cost. I'm using Ewall, with Paranoid, in conjunction with ArgoSoft Mailserver Pro, and have also done some testing using Ewall with Imail, and Software602 LanServer software. Results were EXCELLENT in all cases!!
First and foremost, the virus and spam protection (Paranoid) is incredible. The integrated virus scanning, combined with AVG7, has stopped EVERYTHING coming its way, including a few sneaks that I keep for testing... it caught them all, and handles them beautifully.
Im seeing a DRASTIC increase in spam detection over any other tool that I have ever used, and I have gotten ZERO false positives. This is so much more effective than using 'dnsbl' tools, particulary as many of my users receive valid email that was very often being idetnified as spam. With a little tweaking and dictionary building, Ive set ewall to add *SPAM* if the spam probability is 50%-60%, and to reject the message if its over 60%. I know from the past month that I could remove the 50-60 barrier and just reject 50% +, but Im leaving this for the comfort of my users. They were actually getting VERY NERVOUS when their spam disappeared, and they were sure that they must have been missing valid emails.
Which is what I love about the rest of this product. In testing my spam, and other, rules, I am able to move mail to folders, append subject lines, text messages, add recipients, send autoreplies - so many features to give total control over the server. (A server hosting 20 very perse domains I might add, ranging from non profit organizations to a 100 user business domain - with very different requirements !). It allows me to completely monitor , test and diagnose my new rules before putting them into full implementation, and lets me keep my accounts fully informed as to what is being identified for what reasons.
I looked for a long time for a product, such as this, that runs on MS Windows platform, and Im so happy that I found Ewall (and Paranoid).
Kudos to Alex (and Bart) for an excellent job !!"

— Mike Clay, Owner/President, TTS Automation Inc.

"My company is a computer consulting firm that among other things provides web services including E-mail. In the past prior to last year we used a mail server called Postoffice. It was an excellent program for our needs. As time evolved the company did not support it any longer and it and we could no longer keep up with the spam and the hackers breaking into the mail server. We then turned to other mail servers and along with them finally chosed Mail Filter Pro after looking at several packages. We liked the way it work and it worked well for us. Well Server Side Solutions then came out with Ewall which we found to be easy to work with but a little learning was required. Mail Filter Pro had a module that checked for spam and did what you requested to do with it. Ewall did not have a module similiar to this until he came out with Paranoid. Ewall and Paranoid are a very potent combination to combat spam and viruses. When used with the correct filters and appropriate setting your spam and virus will drop down to being very nominal. Spend the money to buy both products which can be used with virtually any mail server and it will be probably one of the smallest investments in money but the biggest investment in saving time and getting rid of spam."

— Bob Escher, RSEGroup Inc.